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Private Fingerprinting Providers

Under the authority Criminal Procedure Article § 10-221, Annotated Code of Maryland, regulations (COMAR 12.15.05) have been approved that allow the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to certify private providers to submit electronic fingerprint information directly to the Criminal Justice Information System for the purpose of obtaining background checks on behalf of private individuals. The results of the background checks are returned to the requesting individual or organization as required under current law. The private provider will not receive the results of any background check. The private provider will be required to collect and submit any fees related to the background check and submit those fees to the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. The private provider will be allowed to set and retain a service fee.

The attached documents provide a full explanation of the requirements for certification. Please read all of the documents carefully. Applications for certification can be submitted by mail or fax. Questions regarding certification can be directed to (410) 585-3657.

You may download the entire Private Fingerprinting Provider Application Packet using this self-extracting zip file, or select the individual files below: