Assault of Correctional Officer Under Investigation

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TOWSON, MD (September 4, 2012) – Detectives from the Internal Investigative Unit of the Maryland Department of COII Robert Goss Sr.JPGPublic Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) and staff from the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland are investigating the assaultof a Correctional Officer who was supervising a road crew early this morning near I-68 in Garrett County.  The inmate assailant then fled the road crew detail, injured a civilian motorist and was later apprehended.

Correctional Officer II Robert Goss was taken to an area hospital and admitted for treatment of multiple stab wounds.   Goss is a 17 year veteran of the Department who has been recognized for his distinguished service and is highly regarded by both institution staff and area State Highway personnel that have worked with him on road crew details.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with both the officer and the civilian,” said DPSCS Secretary Gary D. Maynard. 

The offender, a 37 year old minimum security inmate, was nearing the end of a 20 year sentence for carjacking and a handgun violation.  Local law enforcement was immediately notified of the events and Maryland State Police apprehended the suspect on state route 495.

DPSCS continues to coordinate with Maryland State Police, who will lead the criminal investigation, and local authorities.