Eastern Correctional Institution Announces Employees of the Quarter

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TOWSON, MD (December 21, 2011) Warden Kathleen Green has chosen Thomas Mark Dean Employee of the Fourth Quarter for Eastern Correctional Institution (ECI) in Westover, MD. Dean works as a Correctional Case Manager Specialist II. She chose Sgt. Henry Landon as Officer of the Quarter.

Dean is an exceptional case manager who often uses his years of case management experience to help other employees when asked for assistance. He recently completed many supervisor tasks and oversaw a department while a supervisor was on medical leave. Dean started working at Eastern Correctional Institutional on May 6, 1987.

Officer of the Fourth Quarter Sgt. Henry Landon was vital in gathering information out of Housing Unit Seven that lead to the discovery and confiscation of contraband from that unit. Sgt. Landon exemplifies the professionalism of a Correctional Officer.

Landon has been employed at Eastern Correctional Institution since October 21, 1998.

Eastern Correctional Institution is located in Westover, Maryland, and houses approximately 2,681 inmates and employs 649 correctional personnel.