Roxbury Correctional Institution Announces Employees of the Month

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TOWSON, MD (December 2, 2011) – Warden Gregg Hershberger selected Donna Wagner, Office Secretary III, and Karen Hays, Correctional Officer II as December’s Employees of the Month for Roxbury Correctional Institution (RCI).

Wagner’s many tasks within the Regional Maintenance Department make the entire Hagerstown prison complex a success. Through her efforts, there has been a significant cost reduction in repairs to vehicles.

Her duties also include assisting the Western Transportation Unit and the State Highway crews assigned to the pre-release unit. Ms. Wagner is an asset to the Hagerstown region.

She has been employed with the State of Maryland since September 2003.

Officer Hays prevents contraband from entering the institution. Her work ethic shows she is fair, firm and impartial with both staff and visitors. Her positive attitude is welcome to all who enter RCI.

Hays has been employed with the State of Maryland since August, 2008.

Roxbury Correctional Institution, located south of Hagerstown on Roxbury Road, is a Division of Correction facility that houses approximately 1,700 male offenders. There are approximately 450 personnel positions at the prison.