DPSCS Pretrial Facilities in Baltimore Preparing For Hurricane Irene

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Towson, MD (August 26, 2011)---The pretrial facilities in Baltimore City are making emergency plans for potential flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. These facilities---Central Booking and the Baltimore City Detention Center--- house more than 3,000 men and women.

  • Jersey Walls and sandbags are being strategically placed on Eager Street.
  • Storm Drains are being cleaned.
  • Generators and emergency lighting are tested.
  • Medical will have sufficient staff on duty to continue all services.
  • Food services have on hand a three-day emergency supply of food.
  • Visits are cancelled for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Baltimore City Emergency Management Director has pledged to provide additional resources as necessary.
  • Wardens and staff are monitoring all aspects of this operation and keeping in touch with all allied agencies.
  • Flashlights, wet vacuums, and raingear are in place in vulnerable locations where flooding is possible.
  • Bottled water is on hand for staff and all first aid kits are replenished.
  • Emergency Operation Center will be opened on Saturday, August 27th.
  • Contingency housing is identified for detainees in flood-prone areas.

We ask that families please refrain from calling the facilities, as they will not be able to give constant updates. Instead, please follow the DPSCS twitter and facebook accounts for updates/changes throughout the weekend.