Cumberland Area Correctional Staff Receives Commissioner Citations

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TOWSON, MD (August 26, 2011) Ė Division of Correction Commissioner J. Michael Stouffer on Friday, August 19, 2011 honored several employees from the Western Correctional Institution (WCI) which is located near Cumberland, Maryland. Commissioner Citations are awarded quarterly to employees throughout the Division who have shown exemplary actions towards DOCís efforts to improve public safety. WCI Warden Phil Morgan nominated each of the four WCI employees for the honor.

  • Chaplain Paul Demers earned the Commissionerís Citation because he has been instrumental in developing new religious-based programs for our inmate population while also lending an ear to staff members who may be experiencing trouble in their lives. For the past year, Chaplain Demers has been pulling double duty; assisting with chaplaincy duties at North Branch Correctional Institution (NBCI) a couple of days per week.
  • Shannon Cannon currently works as an Agency Procurement Specialist I. She has completed multiple building maintenance contracts for WCI and NBCI and was instrumental in obtaining other significant contracts for both WCI and NBCI. Cannon also demonstrates an awareness of correctional security and safety issues, considering them when all procurement decisions are made.
  • Acting Lieutenant Margaret Bennett is serving as WCIís Volunteer Activity Coordinator (VAC). In addition to spearheading the community-relations projects, including historical site cleanup and tree-planting, Bennett also developed new inmate programs. She works to keep WCIís inmate population focused on positive ways of thinking and self-development.
  • Karen Dieterle, Office Secretary III, was instrumental in establishing the first Public Safety Awards Ceremony held at the Allegany College of Maryland earlier this year. Assigned to the VAC Office, Dieterle has mentored two of the acting VACs thanks to her knowledge of community activities and inmate programs.