Hagerstown Area Correctional Staff Receives Commissioner Citations

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TOWSON, MD (August 26, 2011) Ė Division of Correction Commissioner J. Michael Stouffer on Friday, August 19, 2011 honored several employees from the Maryland Correctional Institution Ė Hagerstown (MCI-H), Maryland Correctional Training Center (MCTC) and Roxbury Correctional Institution (RCI), all of which are located south of Hagerstown, Maryland. Commissioner Citations are awarded quarterly to employees throughout the Division who have shown exemplary actions towards DOCís efforts to improve public safety.

  • Nancy Bolinger, CO II from MCIH was honored for going above and beyond her duty while attempting to resuscitate an inmate.
  • Scott Dunn, CO II and Steve Thomas, CO Sergeant, also of MCIH, were chosen for the Commissionerís Citation for their immediate response to an assault. The officers quickly subdued the inmate who was assaulting another inmate.
  • Harry Edmonds, Institutional Maintenance Supervisor, has ensured the daily maintenance of the fifty-year-old infrastructure is maintained while also attending to a number of ongoing construction projects on the compound. Edmonds also assisted in the renovation of various areas within the facility.
  • Jose Rodriquez, CO II, performs multiple functions within MCTC in addition to the urinalysis work he performs for the Hagerstown Region. He also recently initiated the Suboxone drug testing procedure for the DOC.
  • Lt. Douglas Webb is the supervisor in charge of construction at MCTC. He played a vital role in maintaining security of the institution while coordinating the construction projects at MCTC. He provided security orientation to outside contractors, attended construction meetings on various projects and communicated this information to the administration and staff. Webb has coordinated security during various construction events that often required closing schools, changing schedules, and re-routing staff and inmate traffic. Webb has also dealt with the unexpected interruption to the institutionís power, water and phones at unexpected times.
  • William (Bill) Campbell, Correctional Case Management Specialist II (CCMS II), set a high standard in the Transition Department at MCTC and performs many tasks quietly and behind the scenes. He assists in the inmate release process, working to obtain vital records for inmates to ease their transition. He also provides related data required for management and tracking of vital records.
  • Kim Myers, Psychology Associate, helped develop and manage the RCI Special Needs Unit (SNU). Myers has formulated policy, developed the SNU procedure, and oversees all aspects of the SNU. She holds weekly meetings to review SNU referrals and interviews SNU inmates both as part of a team and individually.
  • Patrick Burns, COII is the officer in charge of the SNU tier. Officer Burns interacts professionally with the SNU inmates, holds them accountable, and documents all activities pertinent to their individual treatment plans. He attends the weekly SNU meetings and provides valuable input. Officer Burns has been especially trained for this task and goes above and beyond in his duties.