DPSCS Internal Investigative Unit Looking Into Possible Sexual Assault on Employee at Baltimore City Detention Center

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TOWSON, MD (June 20, 2011)-- A Correctional Officer at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) reported being sexually assaulted by an inmate this past Saturday, June 18. The Internal Investigative Unit (IIU) of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) is handling the investigation, a person of interest is being questioned.

The Division of Pretrial Detention and Services (DPDS), which oversees the Baltimore City Detention Center and the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Facility, are working closely with IIU to determine facts through interviews and collection of evidence. DPDS Commissioner Wendell France addressed staff today. Staff at DPDS has also been offered counseling.

At this time DPSCS cannot release further details as the investigation is ongoing.

Over the past four years no sexual assaults on staff by inmates have been reported at either facility under DPDS BCDC or Central Booking. In FY 2010 only two serious assaults on staff (assaults needing more than basic first aid) were reported within DPDS, down 50% from FY 2007. Also, overall serious assaults on staff across DPSCS facilities are down 50% in FY 2010 from just three years ago.

In addition to any criminal investigation, DPSCS also conducts an administrate investigation into all serious incidents to determine if all policies and procedures were properly followed.