Death-Sentenced Inmates Moved To North Branch
Five men relocated because Baltimore prison is transitioning into new mission

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Towson, MD (June 23, 2010) – The five men sentenced to death in Maryland have been moved this week to North Branch Correctional Institution (NBCI) in Cresaptown from their former home in Baltimore. The move occurred because the Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center (MCAC) is being transitioned into a new mission that will reduce the number of beds for Division of Correction inmates. The U.S. Marshals Service, which does not have a facility of its own in the Baltimore region, contracts with DOC for use of a portion of that facility.

The actual execution chamber is not relocating from Baltimore. It is located at the Metropolitan Transition Center hospital. The last execution in Maryland was in December 2005.

Key points about the move to NBCI:

  • MCAC is no longer a “Supermax” prison. Movement of the death-sentenced men occurred because the MCAC is transitioning into a new mission, resulting in less space for DOC inmates.

  • Approximately 240 beds are being contracted by the U.S. Marshals Service for pre-trial detainees on trial in federal court in Baltimore. Additionally, MCAC has been recently converted into a transportation/temporary housing hub for Maryland DOC inmates headed to court or for medical treatment in the city. DOC inmates serving sentences at MCAC are being moved to other facilities.

  • North Branch is one of the most technologically-advanced maximum-security prisons in the nation. Designed specifically to house maximum-security inmates, NBCI is Maryland’s most secure facility in which to house death-sentenced inmates.

  • The men with capital cases will be housed at North Branch in single cells, physically separated from other inmates on a special wing. They will not have contact with any other general population inmates and will be escorted to and from all movements by correctional staff.

  • They will have no-contact visits, and abide by the same rules as all other North Branch inmates.