Maryland prison teams with non-profit to offer camp behind bars for inmates and their children
The Dallas Morning News

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Keeping families intact is one of the biggest challenges for inmates and their families. Inmates need a support system, especially when they’re released,  and kids need parents.

A prison in Maryland is trying to address that issue by joining forces with a non-profit organization called Hope House. Hope House  operates a week long summer camp for kids –on the grounds of a maximum security facility. The kids, under age 14, spend five hours a day with their fathers, singing, dancing and playing. In the afternoon the kids leave the prison for a nearby facility where they play outdoors. Inmates are only allowed to participate if they have a good conduct record and have been involved in a parenting course.

This video from the Washington Post says similar programs are under consideration in Texas. But John Hurt, spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice  said the agency “is not considering such a program at this time.” TDCJ does operate other programs aimed at families such as “A Day with Dad”  and Girl Scouts Beyond Bar.