Life After Prison for Incarcerated Veterans
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HAGERSTOWN, MD- Even veterans in prison are never forgotten.

Maryland Veteran Affairs Secretary Richard Lane spoke to incarcerated veterans at Hagerstown's MCTC about opportunities once they are released.

Other organizations from the Baltimore area met with inmates personally to help organize a plan so that released veteran inmates don't have to resort to homelessness or crime.

"Incarcerated veterans are people who come from our community, who come back to our community and we don't need them to, in order to survive, commit more crimes and come back in here and have it as a revolving door," says Lane.

Organizers say they were happy they could help.

"I'm glad I came. I look forward to coming back, and each time I come back I think I'll bring more with me when I do come back that will aid and assist the Veterans that are incarcerated here," says Lane.

The Department of Veteran Affairs is also working to make female veteran inmates aware of these programs as well.