Police Release Partial List of Drug Sweep Arrests
Cecil Whig

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Police officials have released a partial list of the 27 area residents arrested last week in and around North East as part of a sweep aimed at drug suspects and people wanted on outstanding warrants.

Officers arrested nine of those people for alleged drug violations while taking 12 others into custody because of open warrants related to violations of probation, failures to appear for court and other infractions, police said.

They arrested some people because of incidents that took place while carrying out the sweep, such as attempts to hinder officers, and because of criminal activity witnessed while at the residences, police added.

The Maryland State Police Gang Unit spearheaded the four-day operation, which ran sporadically from April 9 through Thursday and involved several local agencies, including the Cecil County Sheriff's Office, the Cecil County Drug Task Force, the North East Police Department, the Cecil County Department of Parole & Probation and MSP.

“We had mixed reasons for doing it. We had targeted some drug suspects. We also worked closely with Parole & Probation and knew there were some outstanding warrants relating to VOPs (violations of probation),” said MSP Lt. John Cook, commander of the North East Barrack.

The sweep had other aspects, as well.

“It put us out in some of the communities, so we could interact with residents and talk about their concerns,” Cook said. “We also did some surveillance.”

Because the sweep yielded such a high number of arrests, paperwork on some of the arrests still hadn't been officially processed as of Tuesday, when police officials released a partial list of the arrests, Cook reported.