Local Man Honored For Heroics

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PRINCESS ANNE, MD - The son of the rescued elderly woman stated to WMDT that, " I just can't express how grateful my family and my mother is to those individuals that helped save the lives of the driver of the truck and my mother."

On January 10th, Daryl Webster sprung into action as he saw an oil tanker truck collide with a car, which burst into flames in minutes. Sounding like a scene from a blockbuster movie, Webster carried the truck driver from the fiery inferno.

Webster recollects the events leading up to the rescue, "When I saw the accident I just knew more than likely people were hurt. And it just came to my mind to get out and help".

However this amazing story doesn't stop there. Webster pushed a disabled car out of harms way, with an elderly woman trapped inside. Which our modest hero says, he couldn't have done alone.

Webster also states that, "I just did what anybody else would do. The Lord put us on this earth to look out for others and that's what I did."Spoken like a true hero, who claims he was just doing his job.