Division Of Correction Partners With The MD Food Bank

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FEDERALSBURG, MD - The Division of Correction is teaming up with the Maryland Food Bank to help feed the hungry throughout the state.

Eastern Pre-Release inmates are stepping out of their prison cell and onto a Federalsburg farm for a chance to pay society back for their crimes. They're literally picking tons of food that will be donated to the Food Bank. "You gotta make certain choices in life and if you make the wrong ones you may be out here, but if you make the right ones you can stay out," said Jontae Powell, who has been locked up for the past 33 months.

Powell only has three weeks left on his sentence. Officials say this partnership with the Division of Correction and the Maryland Food Bank will teach inmates like Powell responsibility. "They can tell someone yeah I worked, I can show up for work and work a full day," said Mike Stouffer, Commissioner with the Division of Correction.

Bobby Taylor is the first farmer to join in on the idea. He is giving the inmates pointers, and says food that normally would be wasted is expected to total about a quarter million pounds for the state's hungry. "I'm out here working with them and teaching and showing them things, they take an interest and work a lot better," said Taylor.

"It's something positive to do for a change instead of always doing wrong, it's something positive to do and giving back," said John Brooks, who still has 8 months left of his sentence.

The Food Bank is always looking for donations. If you own a Farm and would like to get involved with this partnership call Amy Cawley at 443-735-0757.