K9 Officers Sent Out To Serve And Protect
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Man's best friend can also be man's best helper. On Thursday six officers and their K-9's graduated a ten-week drug detection class in Hagerstown.

Officials say one of the dogs named Ginger, is the youngest dog to ever graduate this course in the state of Maryland.

A lot of the dogs are bred and trained through Maryland's Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

The K9's even have the specialized skill of detecting cell phones which have been put to international use.

"It's definitely a feeling of self gratification" says Sergeant George Harmon, a recent graduate and Ginger's handler. "We put a lot of hard work, all members of the class put a lot of hard work in Ginger, so we're very proud it's the greatest accomplishment."

This was the second K9 unit to graduate this year, the first class graduated in July.