Help Capture Maryland's 25 Most Wanted

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You can help find 25 of Maryland's most wanted on a new website.

Andrea Fujii reports authorities hope it will help them capture their most elusive parole violators.

Nearly 71,000 Marylanders are under the supervision of the Department of Parole and Probation.

The Warrant Apprehension Team receives about 300 warrants a month. The team normally apprehends 90 percent, but it's the last 10 percent they're worried about.

That 10 percent is on this new website. All 25 are convicted of violent crimes and violated their parole.

Authorities say they'll likely strike again.

"Our assessment instrument tells us that they are more likely to commit a new violent crime than the rest of the folks under supervision," said Chief Vernon Skuhr, Division of Parole and Probation.

The division has 80 warrant officers, and more help is always needed.

"If we can get some help from the general public, then perhaps it can enhance our efforts to find that last 10 percent," said Skuhr.

The goal is get "captured" captions under every mug shot.

Click here to see Maryland's 25 Most Wanted. Tips can be anonymous.