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Baltimore Womenís Detention Center Job Fair Looks to Break the Cycle of No-Work=Re-Arrest

photo1October 26, 2011 - One of the biggest hurdles facing recently-released detainees and inmates is the lack of a stable job. All too often, people get out, canít find work, and, frustrated by other re-entry hurdles and family issues, violate their probation or commit new crimes. This often creates more victims.

Leaders within the Maryland Division of Pretrial Detention and Services, which operates the Baltimore City Detention Center, are keenly aware that a large number of their several hundred women detainees and short-sentenced inmates are facing that bleak picture. Thatís why on October 26, the Womenís Detention Center held a large job fair.


Participants ran the gamut: from large regional employers like chain grocery stores to non-profits like the Caroline Center that work exclusively with women trying to get their G.E.D.s and other employability skills in order.

The several hundred women detainees and inmates who packed into the BCDC gym were able to pick up substantial amounts of information and even fill out job applications. They also heard from a lady who once faced serious criminal charges but today is a leading advocate helping soon-to-be-released women find stability in their lives after incarceration.

DPSCS salutes the hardworking people at one of the busiest pre-trial agencies in the nation, who recognize that many people charged with crimes are ultimately not incarcerated, and all need a chance to succeed when they do get out, a public safety benefit for all Marylanders.