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DPSCS Salutes volunteers who provide correctional facilities with countless programs
Every year in late April, DPSCS correctional facilities honor the several thousand men and women without whom inmates would have fewer services and re-entry opportunities.


(April 23, 2012) - At no cost to taxpayers and on their own time and expense, they lead religious services; provide materials and support services for inmate programs; and run countless classes, groups, and activities behind the razor wire. They’re dedicated volunteers, and DPSCS couldn’t do without them.

photo1Eastern Correctional Institution, the state’s largest prison, alone has more than 200 volunteers from three states. The prison honored its volunteers with a special prayer breakfast organized by the facility’s chaplains.

Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland held a similar celebration, as did Maryland Correctional Training Center, whose Volunteer Activity Coordinator threw a picnic for volunteers in a local park. Other facilities held other special activities, put up appreciation banners, and the like.

Each DPSCS correctional facility has a Volunteer Activity Coordinator and at least one chaplain. Together, these folks make sure inmates have a variety of religious programs and other services, from conflict resolution to anger management.

At the Baltimore City pretrial facilities, volunteers help juveniles awaiting trial on serious adult charges grow vegetables and teach women detainees how to make beautiful jewelry and pocketbooks out of discarded boxes and paper.

DPSCS salutes its volunteers for all that they do to give inmates who wish to change the opportunity to do just that.

DPSCS remains committed to serving victims throughout the system, from correctional facilities to Community Supervision offices all across the state.