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Bestselling Author Visits Women Inmates


(January 4, 2012)---One of the many things DPSCS does to prepare inmates for release is offer them the chance to improve themselves and meet people who can help them understand how to turn dreams and desires into opportunities on “the outside.”

On January 4, Essence bestselling author Gwynne Forster visited the inmates at Maryland Correctional Institution for Women (MCIW) in Jessup. Ms. Forster, who’s written 46 books, many of them romance novels, is not only a prolific writer, but a believer in the adage that most people really do want to change and become better human beings.

The New York resident not only visited at her own expense, but donated dozens of books to the MCIW library. She spent 90 minutes telling her own story, talking about her books, and patiently answering a barrage of questions about publishing, writing, and getting started as an author.

Ms. Forster’s benevolence is much appreciated by DPSCS, which relies on the kindnesses and volunteer efforts of people like her to help inmates, especially book donations to expand literacy.

MCIW houses more than 800 women in all security levels. It is the state’s only women’s prison, and offers a variety of job skill, behavior management, substance abuse, and other programs designed to allow those who want to change the opportunity to become taxpaying and working citizens once they are released.