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Teaching Crime Prevention Tips - To The Chinese

The Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute (MCCPI), based in Sykesville at DPSCS’ Public Safety Education and Training Center, is a go-to agency for many citizens’ and law enforcement groups when it comes to teaching best practices in keeping a step ahead of crime. This June, MCCPI had some special visitors in the classroom: a group of law enforcement and civilian crime prevention folks from China.

The Chinese delegation spent an afternoon immersed in U.S. crime prevention tactics, including neighborhood watch groups, crime prevention through environmental design, and robbery prevention, just to name a few.

MCCPI’s director, Pat Sill, and veteran trainer and former police officer Bruce Lohr told the visitors about their agency’s partnerships, training courses, and the importance of police and communities working together. National Night Out was featured, as were crime prevention success stories from cities and rural areas around Maryland and the nation.

“Our visitors were very interested and engaged throughout,” says MCCPI’s Bruce Lohr. “Through their interpreter they asked a lot of questions, and gave us very positive feedback.”

Pat Sill and her group stand ready to help anyone with crime prevention issues. And it’s obvious that they do their jobs very well. Otherwise, visitors from China wouldn’t be asking to stop by to learn a few things.

The Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute may be reached at 410 875-3425 or 1-800-303-8802.