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Community Supervision Agent Goes the Extra Mile to Help Ex-offenders with Central Region Resource Fair


(April 5, 2012)- Hundreds of people hoping for a smooth transition back to society from prison and/or community supervision came to a resource fair organized by a parole and probation agent in Baltimore City whose self-described mission is to help people become successful, working taxpaying citizens again.

Blanche Chenault went from working for the Federal Reserve to working at the main parole and probation office in Baltimore City---and she doesnít regret it one bit. The community supervision Agent Senior wanted to help people, and thought being a part of MD parole and probation was the way to go. She left her job with the Fed a few years ago and joined Marylandís 800+ agents, who supervise more than 65,000 people in the community in all corners of the state.

In April, Agent Chenault organized her third Community Resource Fair for offenders and ex-offenders in the DPSCS Central Region. More than a dozen agencies and groups, from the Mayorís Office of Employment Development to Goodwill; from Youth Opportunity Center to Living Classrooms; and New Directions to Legal Aid set up tables at the old St. Johnís Church on St. Paul Street. Within an hour, more than 300 people had shown up seeking help. They learned about everything from fatherhood programs to resume-writing; how to find jobs; and how to expunge a criminal record. Some of the organizations, companies, and agencies attending could actually hire qualified ex-offenders.

DPSCS salutes Agent Chenault for the effort it took to organize this major event, and for caring enough to be pro-active in helping ex-offenders turn the corner and successfully re-enter society.