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New Warden at Baltimore City Detention Center

The Baltimore City Detention Center’s (BCDC) new warden was officially installed on February 23 in a Change of Leadership Ceremony at nearby St. Frances Academy.

Marion Tuthill, a 28-year veteran of Maryland corrections, takes over from former warden Otis Merritt, III, also a 28-year veteran, who retired last year.

Mr. Tuthill began his career in the Division of Correction in 1983, and has worked at four state prisons, working his way upBCDC Leadership Change through the ranks. He was commander of the DOC Security Audit Review Team for five years. Mr. Tuthill was assigned to the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services (DPDS) last year upon Mr. Merritt’s retirement.

The DPDS manages Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center and the Baltimore City Detention Center. It is separate from the Division of Correction, and makes the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) unique in the nation as the operator of both a state prison system and a large city’s detention facilities.

Mr. Tuthill’s is the latest in a series of Change of Leadership events initiated by DPSCS Secretary Gary Maynard several years ago. The ceremonies bring together both outgoing and incoming wardens, allowing both to be lauded for their achievements, and giving the new warden the opportunity to meet and greet his/her new administration and co-workers.

The BCDC Change of Leadership ceremony was held at nearby St. Frances Academy, which DPSCS considers a “friend” to both the DPDS and DOC facilities in the area. DPSCS correctional staff makes sure the facilities are a “good neighbor” to the school, and provide occasional volunteer services to it. DPSCS appreciates the support of St. Frances Academy in providing a nice venue for these important Change of Leadership events.