Video of Cell Phone Detection Demonstrations

DPSCS Overview of Cell Phone Detection Demonstration

The use of illegal cell phones within jails and prisons is a growing concern among correctional administrators across the country. These phones are being used by inmates to continue their criminal behavior from behind secure walls. Under the leadership of Governor Martin O'Malley, the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has begun the process of investigating appropriate actions to prevent the introduction and use of cell phones within our correctional system. To read more click here.

Non-Jamming cell phone pilot debriefing

The Departmentís Cell Phone Pilot is a follow-up to the September 2009 Cell Phone Disruption Technology demonstrations at the de-commissioned Maryland House of Correction, Jessup, Maryland. Septemberís demonstrations showed Department employees and other federal, state and private agencies some of the technologies available to disrupt unauthorized cell phone activities in correctional facilities. The Cell Phone Pilot gave vendors and corrections the chance to see how cell phone disruption/detection equipment works in a commissioned correctional facility. To read more click here.