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"Sam Walker Lifetime Achievement Award"

The Maryland D.A.R.E. Officers' Association will award the "Sam Walker Lifetime Achievement Award" to a candidate who, is a member of the M.D.O.A., has been nominated and has demonstrated a high degree of commitment to the D.A.R.E. program in his/her schools, community and state. The nominee for this award may be either a D.A.R.E. Officer or D.A.R.E. Educator who you feel is worthy of this recognition. Winner of this award will be submitted to the N.D.O.A. as a candidate for the National Award.

Please submit the name of the Officer or Educator you wish to nominate and detailed information as to why you feel this candidate should be chosen. Return the nomination to: Maryland D.A.R.E. Officers' Association, 6852 4th Street, Sykesville, Maryland 21784. The online form below may also be used.

Online Nomination Form
Name of Nominee
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We are interested in your comments. Please contact Claude Nelson, 410-875-3426 or email us.
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